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Dowsing (US)

Indie/Emo quintet. Started in summer 2010 in Chicago, IL.
Their first EP 'All I Could Find Was You' is up for download at

Count Your Lucky Stars has released "All I Could Find Was You" on 7" vinyl in September 2011, a split 7" record with Parker in April 2012, and the band's first full length, "It's Still Pretty Terrible," in July 2012.

Dowsing released their new LP "I Don't Even Care Anymore" August 13, 2013 on Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

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Kittyhawk (US)

There are a few bands with the name Kittyhawk. Sorry, gang.

One of them is from Chicago, Illinois in 2011. Featuring members of Dowsing, The Island of Misfit Toys, Joie De Vivre, Options and more. Their self-titled EP is downloadable at baaandcamp:

Four emo kids with nothing to give...

Kittyhawk are an experimental-folk duo from Adelaide, Australia featuring Caitlyn Duff (aka Flying High Radio) and David Williams (aka Danvers).

The Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! side-project formed in 2006 under the name Flying High Bombardier, but since changed the name because they decided it was "old hat". Their influences include Kings of Convenience, Imogen Heap...

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