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Dam (PS)

There are at least 5 groups using the name Dam:
1) A Palestinian Hip-Hop group - دام
2) A Black/Death Metal band from London, UK, also Dãm
3) A French Nu-Jazz / Avant-Garde band releasing LP "Un psychiatre a la plage" on year 2004
4) A French Hardcore Techno producer using Renoise and Cubase
5) Former GDR tape underground act
6) A post-hardcore Japanese rock band

1) Da Arabian MC's
Suhell Nafar, Tamer Nafar, Mahmoud Jreri

DAM (Arabic: دام) is the first and leading Palestinian Rap Group. It is composed of Tamer Nafar, 27, his younger brother Suhell, 23, and Mahmoud Jreri, 24. The group has been performing together since the late 90s. Tamer, who had been performing Rap since 1998 w...

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