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Stödinsamling Till Umeås Tiggare

Polka Dot Slim

Polka Dot Slim (born as Monroe Vincent, December 19, 1919 in Woodville, MS. - April, 1982) was an American blues harmonica player and singer.

He was influenced by the harmonica playing of Sonny Boy Williamson I. Vincent made his debut in 1956 recording a single for Excello in Crowley, LA. as Vince Monroe. In 1957 he recorded over two dozen sides for Zynn in Crowley, but at the time the label only released two recordings. Some of these recordings were later issued by Flyright Records in England with Vincent billed as "Mr. Calhoun". Vincent returned to recording in 1965 and the following year waxing two singles for Instant & Apollo, respectively. Even after his recording career stalled, he remained a fixture on the New Orleans p...

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My Sound of Silence

The Ambions


Slow Fox

Slow Fox is 28 year old Sofia Henricsson from Ume in the north of Sweden. Sometimes she performs solo, sometimes as a duo with her sister Fanny, and sometimes with a full band band. But always under the Slow Fox moniker and always with the voice and the songs of Sofia Henricsson in focus. Slow Fox is shooting for the stars. In the title track of her first album 'Like The Birds', she talks about her dream of being able to sing like the birds. Or even better, like Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alison Krauss or Gillian Welch. Truly high ambitions for a debut album, but Slow Fox is getting close. Really close. Slow Fox got the voice, but it takes more than a great voice to do music in the country/americana field and get away with it. Slow Fox sings...

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