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Lúnasa (IE)

Lúnasa are an all-instrumental, acoustic group known for their exciting melodies and tunes, as well as their ability to combine the sounds of the fiddle, the flute, the uilleann pipes, the guitar, and the bass.

Named after Lughnasadh, an ancient Irish harvest festival, Lúnasa was started when Seán Smyth, Trevor Hutchinson, and Donogh Hennessy briefly toured through Scandinavia in 1996. Upon their return to Ireland, they teamed up with Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry to record a few tracks for what would be their first album. In 1997, Kevin Crawford joined the group.

In 1999, the group signed a three year contract with Green Linnet Records. After releasing three albums under the label, they terminated their cont...

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