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Too Cute to Puke 4-årsjubileum

Rita Braga (PT)

“All way from Lisbon, Portugal comes Rita Braga. This charming and beautiful Ukulele queen with a voice of velvet plays a brilliant mishmash of sound. Combining Julee Cruise esque Lounge with a strange mix of folk ranging from Serbian, Hawaiian, and Appalachian Mountain music, Rita Braga’s sound is truly unique and refreshing.” (Chris Carlone)

Rita Braga is a singer, songwriter and performer with an eccletic repertoir of songs, with covers ranging from Mozart on the ukulele to Serbian, Swedish or Portuguese folk, cowboy songs, 1920’s jazz and samba to Bollywood. She has also written and recorded music for film and animation, done voice acting for animation, commissioned music for commercials and she produces and hosts ca...

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