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Dubstep Bastards

Distance (UK)

There are at least five artists.

1- DJ Distance is a South East London-based producer who was instrumental in dubstep’s early development.

Real name Greg Sanders, Distance is credited with introducing the much-imitated heavy riffage of metal to dubstep at the dawn of the genre. Before picking up Cubase and becoming a producer, he was a fan of heavy and industrial bands like Pantera and Fear Factory.

In 2001 he was being drawn to the dark garage sound that was all around him in South London. Tracks by Oris Jay or Wookie on DJ EZ’s Saturday night show on Kiss FM caught his ear. He began to obsessively buy records from Blackmarket and Croydon’s Big Apple Records, on seminal labels like Tempa and Bingo. Atten...

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D-operation Drop (IT)


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