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La Vaca Loca Queeroween

Vindstyrka 12

Sväva (NL)

Sväva, which means 'floating' in Swedish, is a young five-piece band from the North of the Netherlands. They make atmospheric dreampop with the occasional explosion of sounds. Melodious guitar riffs and mysterious vocal lines are the foundation of this band's unique sound.

Sväva started when early in 2012 singer Bente Hout and guitarist Michelle Hindriks discovered a great creative chemistry writing songs together. With bands like Beach House, Memoryhouse, Deerhunter and Youth Lagoon being their examples, Sväva is a contemporary and inventive band you should want to stay on top of.

Suksawat: “Sväva combines beautiful soundscapes with handsome melodies and vocal polyphony. The music floats under your skin without yo...

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