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Emil Strandberg

Sten Sandell

Patrik Thorman

Philipp Wachsmann

Few jazz-oriented musicians can claim to have studied with legendary French composition teacher Nadia Boulanger; indeed, British violinist Phillip Wachsmann may be the only one -- living, anyway. Of course, Wachsmann is not precisely a jazz musician. He came to free improvisation through the music of such 20th century classical composers as Ives, Webern, Partch, and Berio, unlike the majority of his collaborators, most of whom came to free playing via jazz. In 1969 (about the same time he studied with Boulanger, whose emphasis on the primacy of live performance indirectly influenced Wachsmann to become an improviser), he became a member of the Yggdrasil Quartet, a band devoted to performing work by such contemporary classical composers a...

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