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Sun & the Rain Men

Sun & The Rain Men came about as a natural consequence of four musicians wanting to create indie folk pop in the same place at the same time. They locked themselves in a remote countryside studio and spent long days and nights writing and recording. Sanne’s stunning and timeless voice naturally became the heart of the music, beautifully complemented by Erik, Kalle and Jerry’s talented and detailed musicianship and production. Most of the songs were recorded in just one take, and a plethora of unusual methods were employed in the unrestrained creative process: drums were recorded in an open field, capturing the sounds of birds flying overhead, vocals in a village hall, luscious strings were recorded an ocean or a lake away. The band conti...

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En Drös Poeter

The Screamer

The Screamer is a Japanese violinist who mostly makes arrangements of Falcom music.
He wears a Scream mask during live performances and in his videos.

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