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Ritmo is the project of Dubi Dagan (30), who lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Dubi joined the scene in 1998 while he was traveling the world, discovering the trance scene in various countries such as Japan, U.S.A, India and more. From 2003 until August of 2005, Dubi took main part in Bionics Records as an office manager and PR of the label and worked with the label on its most famous party line in the Luna Club every Thursday as a residential DJ.

From January 2005 Dubi started to work on Ritmo project with another guy call: Eitan Morgenstern and together they released few tracks in various labels.

In june 2006 Dubi decided to move to Tel-Aviv and started work in a famous post production and dubbing studios call: "Dubi Dub...

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Arctic can refer to four bands.

1. ARCTIC is an electropsych/space-rock band from Vancouver, Canada, formed in 2001.
2. Arctic is a rock band from Brisbane, Australia, formed in 2007.
3. Arctic is bass/grime producer James Black from Melbourne, Australia.
4. ARCTIC is Psychedelic Rock/Heavy Psych band from California


1. ARCTIC draws much of its sonic inspiration from the vast expanses of the northern landscape where frontman Marcus Martin was raised. Growing up in Yellowknife, Martin would join his father, a pilot, on trips to remote settlements and camps in the Northwest Territories of Canada. "There are some thing...

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