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Gesloten Cirkel

Johannes Björhn



I-F, short for interference, is the Dutch DJ Ferenc van der Sluijs. He is seen as one of the leaders of the Italo Disco revival in the late nineties, as well as a major player in electro. He operated under the labels "Murder Capital", "Holosynthesis" and his own label "Viewlexx". He was also active under the names "Ferenc", Beverly Hills 808303 and The Parallax Corporation with Intergalactic Gary. In 2003 he stopped being a full time dj, only doing sets at rare occasions. He is also much renowned for his radio station, the Intergalactic FM, a radio station specialized in Italo Disco and music made by robots and aliens. The Robot is your Friend!

His song "Space Invaders are Smoking Grass" is often cited as the first song to fit...

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