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Lilla Julen

Jukka Poika (FI)

Jukka Poika (Jukka Rousu, born 1981) took his stance as the most widely known Finnish reggae vocalist and song writer in 1999-2002. During that time his lyrical and vocal charisma lead both his collaborations (Soul Captain Band, Kapteeni Ä-ni) into success. Since 2003 he has participated in various projects and released five reggae albums, plus an album tributing the folk genius Veikko Lavi.

Jukka’s voice cannot be separated from his message. Musically he has stunned the Finnish music audience from his very first performances together with creative reggae musicians of Soul Captain Band and other friends. He embraces a combination of various reggae styles, dub, and folk rhythms, positively loaded roots reggae with minimal decor...

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