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1. Stockholmsrapparen Stor är nu 21 år gammal, men har redan varit en del av den Svenska hiphopscenen i hela 10 år. Tidigare som en del av gruppen Vendetta och nu som soloartists under Salazar/Latin Kings brödernas Salla, Chepe och Masses beskyddande vingar. Som en del av Södertörnsbaserade kollektivet Ayla är han nu redo att spotta till sig en del av den Svenska hiphopkakan. Under hösten är han aktuell med den nya singeln Stockholmsnatt ft. Danjah & Adam Tensta samt ett mixtape med samma namn. Allt detta presenterat av Respect My Hustles nya projekt My Best Friend Is My Grind där även Cakeboy och J-Son är en del.

2) STOR - Czech death ambient / industrial / power electronics / noise proje...

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Dominick Martin aka Calibre is the 1st exclusively Irish Drum and Bass artist.

Classically trained in violin, he dropped this for drums and began playing in various bands, before finding early Detroit techno and house. His inspiration around that time is said to wander around the likes of Kenny Larkin, Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, the Orb.

His brother introduced Calibre to drum and bass and jungle, which at first he couldn’t follow the pattern as he felt it was too relentless and 'beaty', and so at that point he preferred four to the floor drumbeats from the US house style.

From there he's developed on slowly but surely to become an accomplished producer.

Since his early work for Dublin label Quadr...

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Marcus Intalex

Marcus Kaye, better known by his stage name Marcus Intalex, was a British drum and bass DJ who additionally played house and techno music under the pseudonym Trevino. Between 1993 and 2000 he co-hosted the drum-and-bass radio show Da Intalex on Kiss 102 FM in Manchester. Kaye was the founder of the Soul:R, Revolve:R, and Birdie recording labels, and was active as a DJ, record producer, and touring artist from 1991 until his death in May 2017. His albums included the 2007 release FabricLive.35 and the 2011 release 21.
He suddenly passed away on Sunday morning, May 28th 2017.

Through his production with ST Files as M.I.S.T. (Marcus Intalex & ST Files), he has produced popular remixes for tracks like Just a Vision and Sincer...

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