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Insamlingsdag Till Musikhjälpen

Black 'n' Out

Beyond Wonderland


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Smoke Signals

There are 4 bands with the name Smoke Signals:

1. Smoke Signals is Metal band from Little Rock, AR. Blending a wide range of influences to create a refreshing vision in a genre becoming known for it's cliches, Smoke Signals seeks to bring something to the table that is heavy, technical, raw, visceral, emotionally charged, and above all else...REAL.

2. Smoke Signals… combine the splintering attack of Midwestern hardcore and the delicate compositions of progressive rock and post punk. Unveiling the parts of a larger story by each release, the concept of Smoke Signals… is as much portrayed in the lyrics as it is in the moods and themes of the noises they use to create deconstructed atmospheres. Wasting no time to perf...

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