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Progrock Night


Introitus is a progressive rock band from Vansbro, Sweden. Formed by Mats Bender (keyboards and accordion) and his wife Anna (lead vocals), it's a 'family band', as their son Mattias is the drummer, and their daughter Johanna, who was a member of the choir singing on the first album, has now become the second lead vocalist. The current line-up is completed by Pär Helje (lead guitar), Dennis Lindkvist (bass guitar) and Henrik Björlind (extra synth, accordion, flute, fiddle and second guitar).
Their first album "Fantasy" was released in 2007. Although it wasn't noticed immediately, it eventually got a perfect score of 5/5 in a review of the Dutch "Background Magazine". A second album called "Elements" was released in March 2011, whil...

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