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Archaea are a swedish metal band from Gothenburg, formed in February 2007 by brothers Markus and Hannes Heidarsson. They had left their earlier band to go their own way and create own music.

The current form of Archaea ranges from crushing darkness to brilliant melody, with sharp contrasts and fluently shifting dynamics, with inspiration from all over the metal spectrum. The lyrical themes describe struggles on a personal and global scale, elusive antagonists and the unyielding indifference of the elements. Yet through the hardship and agony depicted, mankind may yet see the distant light of a new day.

After an arduous recording process in their homemade studio, their debut album Catalyst was unleashed upon the wor...

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The Embodied

The Embodied is all about the love to music, the love to melodies and the opportunity to get in people's heads. Of course you can listen to certain types of artists just for the music but we want it to be more than just that. To make a person think one extra time or realize something when listening to The Embodied, that's the thing! The Embodied stands for no religion. We think that religion has started too many wars and criticize the moral and insanity born from religion. But also other things as war and inner chaos within human minds.

The lyrics are a big part of a song. The Embodied struggles to make the ultimate mix of music and lyrics together and make songs that start emotions and feelings in your body. The name ....

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