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Samuli Kemppi

Samuli Kemppi is one of the key figures in the Finnish techno scene. Hard-working producer and DJ, who's always breaking boundaries and delivering fresh mixture of times past and days yet to come. His sound is described as icy cold techno style, a controlled exercise in minimal techno devastation, bass-heavy jacker grooves with shivering hi-hats and floating atmospheres.

Samuli has been releasing his music since 2002 under different names/pseudonymes. 2008 and 2009 were very successful years for him, with fantastic releases on Ostgut Ton, Prologue and Time to Express. For the future there's a lot of great stuff in the pipeline. For example his "Dark Matter EP" on Mote-Evolver and "Kosmos EP" on Komisch are already sold out. EP...

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