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Lydia Ainsworth (CA)

Lydia Ainsworth is a composer, producer and singer based in Toronto, Canada. On September 30, 2014 she released her debut album Right From Real on Arbutus Records. In 2015 Ainsworth was a shortlist nominee for the Juno Award for the Electronic Album of the Year.

“Lydia Ainsworth’s pop experiments sound like they’re made for big screens. Close your eyes while listening to her recent debut, Right From Real, and the considerable power of her orchestral strings, horns, and dense, wordless harmonies transports you to a dark cinema, where surreal images tumble like falling skies, and it’s not quite clear what comes next.” – Jenn Pelly for Pitchfork Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons...

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Helena Arlock

Helena Arlock is a Swedish cellist/singer/songwriter. She grew up in the south of Sweden. With a creative family and instruments everywhere, of course she started to play early. As soon as she could reach the keys of the grand piano...and when she was eight Helena started to play the cello.

She is one of the founders of the project Indienational Tour (


2007 : Feb/March : USA
2007 : April : Canada
2007 : September : Sweden
2007 : October : Germany
2007 : October: Holland
2007 : October : Belgium
2007 : October : England
2007 : November : Ireland
2007 : November : Spain
2007 : November : Italy
2007 : December : Slovakia ...

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