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Stereo Mc's (UK)

Stereo MCs are a hip hop and alternative dance group formed in 1985 in London, England. The group consists of Rob Birch (vocals), Nick "The Head" Hallam (turntables, production), and Ian "Owen If" Rossiter (drums). They are best known for their 1992 single "Connected", which was a transatlantic top 20 hit.

Vocalist Rob Birch and DJ)/producer Nick Hallam founded their Gee Street recording studio and record label with money they were given to leave their London flat and, dispensing with using a backing band, travelled to early gigs on public transport.

They recorded their debut album, 33-45-78 in 1989 on a shoestring budget, with DJ Cesare, drummer Owen If and backing vocalist Cath Coffey. In 1990, "Elevate My Mind" b...

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