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Implode, the not very famous band from the small town of Lund, Sweden. Implode plays punk-rock with alkaline trio, lawrence arms and a couple of other punk-rock bands as influence.
Not much more to say, but visit their homepage at

Swedish thrash/death metal act IMPLODE released their first single and video “Stress Communion” on 9th of September, taken from their upcoming album “I of Everything“ to be released in spring 2015. IMPLODE will start a 21 shows European tour with death metal legends ENTOMBED AD and GRAVE on the 4th October. Implode will release single number two taken from their upcoming album in November.

The single “Stress Communion” and the story behind it is a...

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Vengha is a Swedish music constellation, born in July 2012. It was decided in an early state to keep the music organic and alive. Angry, easy listening with one hell of a groove would make a fitting slogan for the band.

Things were going fast with Vengha. The first year as a band was a success since Vengha performed at the House of Metal festival with bands such as Entombed, Mayhem, Amorphis among others.
After winning the Swedish Wacken Metal Battle, Vengha represented Sweden at Wacken Open Air in Germany. Vengha did also played at Sabaton Open Air, Heidi Hey Tattoo Party in Lisebergshallen (Gothenburg) and did a sold out show in their hometown Falköping in the same year.

The band was after this journey force...

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Syconaut was formed as a band in Skövde, Sweden the summer of '99 by consistent taste for music.

2001:March of a new division

2005 started off with some shows in smaller venues with other unsigned acts, but they were always really crowded. This year we wanted to take it to another level. "Fragrance Of Decay" from "Geodesic", were sent to P3 Demo. This program were held once a week playing songs from unsigned bands, and after a half year they used their air-time to choose the best songs they had played. Our song was one of those.

"SOLACE" is Syconaut's latest contribution, it was recorded during the winter and spring -05/-06 completely by ourselves(including mixi...

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