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Dj Mango

Dj Mangoo / Mangoo is Swedish songwriter & producer Mattias Brånn from Orbyhus, middle Sweden.

Mattias Brånn started his career 16 years old, reaching over 10.000.000 downloads with the solo dance-act Dj Mangoo.
In the early 2000 the popular song “Eurodancer” grew into a culture dance classic. In the scandinavian areas he appeared on countless radio and tv shows.
Mattias Brånn also outbeat Madonna, Linkin' Park and other top artists on the biggest mp3 site of its time -

In 2005 Mattias started to work together with the italian superstar Paolo Meneguzzi and italian songwriter Dino Melotti to compose a new album. The album “Musica” (Music) was released in marts 2007 and have sold Platina!!

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