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Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild are a sleazy hard rock band from Sweden formed in 2007.

When you turn on a Pretty Wild song you instantly wanna grab a beer and get the party going, or just cruise the boulevards of L.A. down to Venice beach with the suntop down and get smashed!

No matter the day of the week - the party has begun - You're invited!! Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Frontback was founded back in 2002 by siblings Anlo and Bill Front in the deepest forests of Småland, south Sweden. They were both looking for musical soulmates who shared their vision of the ultimate rock band.

In 2007, using a flashlight and map, they eventually found current drummer - David Bäckström. With a wide range of musical influences and several years of experience as a musician (well, as a drummer at least ;)), David gave the band a real push towards a brighter future.
A year went by as the bandmembers continued to perfect their songwriting skills and hitting stages all over Sweden. The word of Frontback slowly started to reach all corners of the nation...
During the spring of 2008 Frontback finished at 4t...

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