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Bear Bones Lay Low (BE)

Bridget Hayden (UK)

Bridget Hayden wrote history as a violinist with Vibracathedral Orchestra, the mother of early twenty-first century European avant-garde drone rock. In 2006 she left the band to focus on her own work, which alongside that of intense drone pieces also includes poetry, film and painting. With guitar and viola she exorcices the heavy noise from her body. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Razen (BE)

Brecht Ameel (santoor, bouzouki, keys) and Bart Reekmans (percussion, brass) have been working on a repertoire in which etnic music and improvisation are the central concepts.
Tired of the traditional guitar-bass-drums combination they decided to both choose an instrument they couldn’t play at all. They ended up with a heavily detuned santoor and some metal plates that served as a drum kit.
In a deserted basement Razen make unusual instruments confront until they derail and make for a filmic sound trip in which Bohren & Der Club of Gore and Moondog meet.
They've expanded their instrumentation to include still more instruments they don't know how to play (bouzouki, keyboards, horns), and have invited a handful of guests ...

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Sea Urchin

SEA URCHIN was started back in 2004 under the guise of Godzilla On Demand (or G.O.D for short) by Smudge (Ex-Deimos) and Peeps, both founding members of Unborn Son back who have now disbanded. Our first release the ‘Demo Of Doom’ was the first lot G.O.D material to be released which was a 3 track demo which was mainly to see how the band sounded and the sound was slow, heavy doom. They we quickly followed that up with ‘Godzilla On Demand EP’ which had more melody to the songs and a much tighter sound in all. It had 5 tracks and lasted for 28 minutes.

Through many different name changes and splitting up twice! (Fuck, we feel like an oldies band!) we have decided to give this whole thing one more shot. We also had to change yet...

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