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Jason Urick (US)

Husbands comes out in late October and will probably appeal to fans of WZT Hearts (obviously) and to those who enjoy some of our more recent avant-releases like Mountains, Lithops, David Daniell and Douglas McCombs and Lokai.

Husbands is Jason Urick’s solo debut. Those well-versed in the Baltimore or experimental electronic music scenes might be familiar with his band WZT Hearts or his solo works as themoonstealingproject. Husbands finds Urick at a crossroads where his ideas are becoming more fully realized, and while still experimental in nature, the songs are envisioned as an honest attempt at "pop“.

There are similarities to his previous projects of course. Those familiar with WZT Hearts will feel that the tracks...

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Lau Nau (FI)

Lau Nau’s abstract folk is a mosaic of a myriad of instruments that fall where they may, with free open structures, balancing on a thin wire of logical evolution, with surprising harmonies. Still, the songs have strong backbones. Melody is suggested through the contours of a wandering and warm voice. Lau Nau’s debut album is released by the Chicago-based label Locust and is an amazing slice of outdoor sounds, multi-instrumentation, surreal and lush vocals. “The music, compared to reading literature, is a book with the leaves spread in the order of a tree. You get a three-dimensional picture, like nature's sounds from a human soul.”

Lau Nau is Laura Naukkarinen and her wonderly wonderful friends. So far these helpers have been:...

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Olimpia Splendid (FI)

Olimpia Splendid is blooming and rottening flower of the scorpio and mud cake rising from Helsinki, Finland. Heta (guitar, vocals), Katri (bass guitar, vocals) and Jonna (guitar, vocals) have all their roots deep in the Finnish underground and punk scene.

Beats, shrieks and clumsy hypnosis. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Visible Cloaks (US)