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Me the Tiger


There are at least ten artists with this name:

1)KAOS A thrash metal band from the Bay area (San Fransisco) in California, USA. Many line up changes, but fronted by vocal man Jason Darnell. 2 known releases, KAOS Among Us in 2006 and Pits of Existence in 2009. They rule!
2) KAOS ( an old school punk/post-punk band with female vocals from Rijeka-Croatia. They were established in 1979. The members of this band were:Neven Braut (guitar), Robert Zambata (bas), Tea Josipovic (vocal), Andrej Urem (drums), Emil Zauhar (keyboard), Igor Glumac (keyboard). Their influences were The Clash, Ramones, PIL, Nina Hagen, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Talking Heads....They starte...

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