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Marcus Bohm & the Bang

Kid Galahad

The four band members met in 1997, whilst they all attended Furze Platt School in Maidenhead.[4] The band honed their skills in live performances and homemade recordings. One of their early demos was given to long-time friend and DJ, James Lavelle, who championed the band to, amongst others, the independent, Ignition record label, whom the band signed to in 2000.[5] Their recordings for the label were produced by Jim Abbiss (who had previously worked with The Music, DJ Shadow and UNKLE amongst others), and the band’s first studio release was the Stealin’ Beats EP in May 2001. As well as Abbiss’ work on the title track, this EP also contained two live tracks and an original demo recorded in lead singer Ash’s back garden. This EP was criti...

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