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In Distress


Feelium is a duo from Sweden that was formed in New Zealand in year 2013 by [from=2013]Simon Folger from the former Indieband Certain Tiger and [from=2013]Jakob Stenseke from the former Dansband Zekes. Over the years they have been involved in other music projects, but these are the bands that they will remember for. In 2014 they released there first EP "The cool and smart people will understand", and short after that in the same year, the sequel "The Really Cool and Smart People Will Relax" was released. In 2015, there first full-length album "Can You Feel It?" was released. And in the summer of 2016, the duo reunited to record their upcoming album "Go Go Soul" that is expected in the spring of 2017. So far, the singles "Gone" and "Life...

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The Royal Ruckus

The Royal Ruckus – the band that will charm anyone with their blues influenced groove and their rough soulful melodies. Since their start in 2012 they have released 3 EP’s and played sold out venues like The Tivoli (Helsingborg, Sweden) and Kulturbolaget (Malmö, Sweden). They have always had songwriting and live shows as first and greatest priority, which you can tell by the looks of the bystanders faces. There is no denying that The Royal Ruckus are Sweden’s new rising star in Rock n Roll heaven.

The band consists of four members. Guernica Mancini fronts with a voice and charisma that really takes you back to a time when singers like Janis Joplin reigned. The man with the golden ax is Oscar Ericsson and he’s the guitarist who...

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