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King King (UK)

“Softly softly” is not a maxim that King King are familiar with. Since surging into life less than twelve months ago they have barely stopped for breath, and their electrifying sound and scorching live shows have generated more of a thunderous roar than a buzz.

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This band certainly knows how to make an entrance. Fronted by charismatic bluesman Alan Nimmo, their exhilarating debut at last year’s Monaghan Blues Festival created such a stir that it prompted organizer Somhairle MacConghail to state: “King King aren’t just playing the festival. Word is that King King ARE the festival”. With a reception like this there’s little surp...

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Christina Skjolberg

Christina Skjolberg is one of Norways best kept secrets, but that's not going to last for long! Christina and her band delivers funky blues and rock thats guaranteed to appeal to a wide audience. The stage presentation is solid, honest and energic, and with Christina in the centre of the stage, the audience is ensured a true musical experience and good value for money!

Christina has recently signed a record contract with German record label Ruf Records. The debut album was released February 2014. Christina is also part of Ruf´s Blues Caravan for 2014, so she is appearing on stages all over Erurope and USA..The Blues Caravan has a reputation for turning the spotlight onto the best female blues artists – so remember the name, b...

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