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Norbergfestival 2015

Jacaszek (PL)

Jacaszek (read: ya-tsa-sheck) (Michał Jacaszek), author and producer of electroacoustic music, combining electronically prepared sounds with acoustic instruments, born in 1972 in Gdańsk, Poland.

Started his music adventure from illustrating poetry. In 1999 he released CDR with Waldemar Ślefarski's poems "Wiersze Zmieszane" and young Polish poets' works "Rocznik Dźwiękowy" .

In 2001 he recorded an album with songs of Miłka Malzahn, "Mapa". It was called a "trip hop sung poetry ". The album was released at 2003 (Offmusic Rec).

In 2003 a "Lem Konzept" project came to daylight. It has a form of broadcast play, but performed live with an actor reading texts of Stanisłam Lem and Jacaszek playing his music.
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Max Cooper

Max Cooper has more than 50 original releases, tracks and remixes under his belt, from glitchy reinterpretations of big bands like Hot Chip and Au Revoir Simone to straight dancefloor 12"s like his breakthrough "Serie" originals and remixes for names like Agoria, Dominik Eulberg, Extrawelt, Pig and Dan, Kaiserdisco and Sasha.

The approach, meanwhile, is anything but simple. A melancholy composer whose live sets can raise blisters in a club, Cooper is as comfortable writing abstract electronica as he is writing dancefloor techno 12"s . A rationalist with an otherworldly, idealistic side, Cooper is also a wildly creative musician who until recently had a day job as a sober scientist.

And he's swung from extreme to ext...

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Nina (UK)

Cosmin Trg (RO)

House/ Techno/ Experimental
50 Weapons/ Rush Hour/

There are those who imitate, and those who innovate: Romanian born, Berlin based producer Cosmin Nicolae is unquestionably the latter. At this point in time you’ll find him honing a ghostly, sketchy techno blueprint that fuses shuffling drums with eerie synths, snatched vocals-as-instruments and strains of Detroit and Chicago classicism. These analogue sounds arrive on labels like connoisseur Dutch imprint Rush Hour as well as Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons and Untold’s hotter-than-hot Hemlock, but are a stylistic mile away from the sound with which the man first emerged.

Back in 2007, when known simply as TRG, a breakthrough came courtesy of “Put You Down”/”Broke...

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There are 7 bands named Evol:
1) Italian Black Metal band in Medieval style, mostly active in the 1990s.
2) Experimental Spanish group from Barcelona
3) Crossover Thrash/Speed Metal band from Los Angeles
4) Death/Grind band from Japan
5) Depressive Suicidal Black Metal band from Israel
6) South Korean girl group (이블)
7) Detroit Horrorcore Rapper (Cousin of The R.O.C.)
8) Psychedelic folk rock band from USA

1) Evol was a 3-piece Italian band that was created in 1993. The band described itself as a pure atmospheric black metal act. The band's style was occult and medieval ("the eve", i.e. ). Evol's tempos were rather slow. Surroundings were dark, very sad and repetitive. Keyboards were ...

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