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Lure Out the Beast

Lure Out the Beast is a four man rock/metal act from Gothenburg, Sweden that evolved out of a two man project founded in 2009. Their sound is heavily influenced by the alternative rock scene in the mid 90's and they've been compared to Soundgaden, Radiohead, Tool and Black Sabbath in the press.

Their single "Driven" was featured on in August 2014 and followed up by the album "Lure Out the Beast" in November on Rambo/Sony Music. The album has been recieving good reviews in the Sedish rock press.
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The Razed

The Razed are a rock trio in the Gothenburg area. Started 2009

The Razed are a blend of young and experienced musicians. With different backgounds. An Englishman. a German. and a Swede all bringing different influences to the Rock`N`Roll table! With music described as “GRUNGADELIC SPACEPUNK” THE RAZED draw influences from THE CLASH, THE CULT, FOO FIGHTERS, KILLING JOKE and many more. THE RAZED are lyrically provocative and they use irony as a club.

The Razed have been finalists in major original song competitions sponsored by Gothenburgs Post

The Razed have played live in many locations including a large open air event in central Gothenburg “GP SCEN”

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