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Veil of Light (CH)

At first Veil of Light might come across as cold. It's an easy mistake to make, their grand gothgaze is certainly steeped in melancholy and desolation. But as you become enveloped in the crystalline synth swaths, the mechanical rhythms, and the screeching guitar feedback, you feel a oddly at ease. Comforted. Like pulling your coat tighter as you walk down a empty, rain-wet autumn street.

Veil of Light is a one man project from Zürich, Switzerland. On this, his eponymous debut EP, we are treated to six songs of ice cold gothgaze splendour drenched in reverb and distortion. Dreamy, hazy and above all catchy as hell, Veil of Light brings to mind Pornography era Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain, even a touch of Death in June circa 1984....

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