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Steinar Raknes (NO)

Steinar Raknes is one of Norway’s foremost jazz bassists and songwriters. With his fearless and explosive playing style, he is often compared with the legendary bassist and songwriter Charles Mingus. Many know Raknes through his work as composer and musician in the award-winning jazz trio Urban Connection, and for collaborations with artists such as Chick Corea, Michael Brecker, Steve Grossman and Per Texas Johansson. After completing a Master of Arts (music) degree in jazz at NTNU in2001, he has collaborated in a number of ensembles, including The Core, the Ola Kvernberg Trio, SKAIDI, Kirsti Huke Quartet and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.

Tangos, Ballads & More is the Norwegian bass player Steinar Raknes´ new band. Strongly infl...

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