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Northern Lights

Northern Lights can refer to at least six different groups:

(1) Post-Hardcore band from Denver, CO. Side project of Mikey Sawyer and Josh Kikta of Miss Fortune.

(2) American hip-hop group from Bridgeport, CT.

(3) Canadian supergroup who were gathered by the music talent manager Bruce Allen in 1985 to record the single "Tears Are Not Enough".

(4) A folk and baroque group "Northern Lights", released two CDs: "Northern Lights" and "Vanishing Borders" (founded by Harris Moore and Steve Coulter).

(5) An American progressive bluegrass band founded in 1975 by Taylor Armerding, Dan Marcus, Marty Sachs, and Bob Emery.

(6) The alias of drum & bass duo Steppa & Kitcha.


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