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TT Grace

In 2003, three boys, 14 years old decided to start a rock´n Roll band in a small town in Sweden, Nynäshamn.

CRoNG Production management signed the boys 2005 as the rock´n roll band The Tributes.

The drummer changed and a guitarist and pianist joined the band.
It has been the same members since then.

They have had hundreds of gigs in Sweden over the years
They have recorded two demos with both own songs and rock´n roll covers.

2009 they release the first album “Original” with only own written songs.
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Dan Granero (AU)

Dan Granero is an International Blues/Rock Guitarist/Vocalist. Dan tours Australia, Scandinavia and Europe with various high profile musicians ;-)

Dan Granero is an International Blues/Rock Guitarist. Dan has spent the last few years touring Australia and Europe and has currently 3 albums available through iTunes and CD Baby. For more info, go to "Music" tab on this facebook page for full profile as shown on Myspace.

High Energy, Guitar Driven, Blues/Rock!

Band Interests
Fender Guitars, Basses and Amps, Marshall Amps, Performing, Recording and Touring! Read more on . User-contributed text is available und...

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