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Fritz's Corner

Liturgy (US)

There are two bands called Liturgy:

1. Liturgy are a black metal band from Brooklyn, New York. Originally the solo project of Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, the band expanded to a four piece in 2008, after the release of the 12" Immortal Life, which was followed in 2009 with their debut album Renihilation. The group call their style "transcendental black metal",which is described in a declaration written by Hunt-Hendrix. Their second LP, titled Aesthethica, came out in May 2011. Hunter was also previously a member of screamo group Birthday Boyz and Holy Wars (

2. Liturgy are a brutal death metal band from the United States. They formed in 2003 by Matti Way (Vocals, ex-Disgorge (US), ex-Cine...

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MV Carbon (US)

M.V. Carbon uses fragmented field recordings, analog synthesizers, samplers, tape manipulations, and photosensitive oscillators to assimilate structural chaos and decomposition. She creates eerie and unsettling compositions using her voice as an instrument and processing it through tape machines. She plays cello through tape loops and guitar pedals and occasionally uses 16mm film imagery as a backdrop for her performances. She is interested in the structural decomposition and fragmentation that occurs within architecture, landscape, human physiology, and perception.
She has work released on labels such as 5RC, Load, Hanson, Veglia, No Fun Productions, Nihilist, and Atavistic. Upcoming Release of her new solo album, The Dislodged Pe...

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