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Karlskogapunken för Barncancerfonden

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D-beat/crust band, that was formed in 1996 in Karlskoga. They recorded 2 demos, 2 songs you can find on the Comp Really Fast # 10. They got in contact with the label Meringue records from Skinnskatteberg and appeared on the CD comp Punken är död ... not. Meringue also released the fulllength debut CD Full of shit. In 98 Mörder released the Deathlike silence 7. The band also released various stuff for various compilations. The band are still alive and kicking.

Current line-up:
Mathias - drums
Krabban - bass
Mange - guitar
Pelle - guitar
Zwemp - vocals

Former/past members:
Vicis - guitar
Olle - guitar
Dunder - guitar

The members had played in a lot of different punk a...

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There are more than one artists with this name.

Katastrof is a dark psychedelic trance artist, with releases in various compilations such as VA - Nine Worlds (2007).

Apparently, there is also a punk band using the same alias.
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