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Leprous (NO)

Leprous is a young, five piece progressive metal band hailing from the metal town of Notodden, Norway, home of bands such as Emperor, Zyklon, Ihsahn, CIrcus Maximus, and many more.

Since Leprous was founded in 2001, they've gone through a few changes in the line-up, and now consists of Einar Solberg (synth/vocals), Tor Oddmund Suhrke (guitar), Simen Børven (bass), Robin Ognedal (guitar) and Baard Kolstad (drums)

The young quintet have already made themselves visible on the Norwegian prog- and metal scene, and twice the band has made the finals in the Norwegian Rock Championship. Besides Leprous, the guys in Leprous are currently working as a session band of solo artist "Ihsahn", also known as the front figure of the...

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Rendezvous Point (NO)

Rendezvous Point is a melodic progressive metal band formed in Kristiansand, Norway, late 2010.

The musicians in Rendezvous Point met when they studied rhythmical music at the University of Agder. In 2012 the band was titled the most promising band in southern Norway and held a concert with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. They are now finishing their upcoming album with release date in the fall 2015.

Geirmund Hansen - Vocals
Baard Kolstad - Drums
Gunn-Hilde Erstad - Bass
Petter Hallaråker - Guitar
Nicolay T. Svennæs - Keyboards

Mads With

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Sphere (NO)

There are seven bands with the same name:
1. Japanese J-Pop group "Sphere"
2. Norwegian Cyber/Modern Metal band "Sphere" Sphere (NO)
3. Polish Death Metal band "Sphere"
4. American Jazz Quartet "Sphere"
5. Czech Metalcore band "Sphere"
6. A female trip-hop singer
7. A Japanese shoegaze band
8. American Jazz Quintet from Detroit "Sphere"

1. Sphere (スフィア) is a Japanese pop idol unit formed by four voice actresses affiliated with Music Ray'n. The group made their major debut in April 2009 under Lantis with the single "Future Stream" which was used as the opening theme for the anime Hatsukoi Limited. Helped by the popularity of Tomatsu Haruka (known for her role as Nagi in Kannagi) and...

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