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Glitzy Glow

The Glam Metal musician, Johnny Roxxy, earlier a member in the Glam Rock bands Plastic Dolls and Angelina Diamonds, gets his inspiration from the 80's Heavy Metal and Hair Metal bands such as Kiss, M?tley Crue, Tigertailz and W.A.S.P. Johnny Roxxy's Glam Rock band Angelina Diamonds dissolved and that gave him more time to write 80's Heavy Metal songs. In the spring 2004, together with Julia, a Glam Girl with roots in the Glam Rock artist David Bowie and the ever experimental Kate Bush, Johnny Roxxy started to create tunes very much related to their own favourits. One of their previous songs is a very special and sensitive kind of acoustic Hard Rock Ballad called Dragonfly and it was played on local radio stations. A half year later the G...

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