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Own Road (DK)

Own Road is danish Simon Skjødt Jensen's one man project. It seems to be based on an American folk-tradition. It lies in a twilight borderland between weird and singer/songwriter. Yet it doesn´t seem to come from any specific time or place. Own Road is both the past and the future. It is avant-dreampop and trendy neo-psychedelic NYC style. But being trendy is not an issue. Own Road uses guitar, ukulele and more exotic instruments to create his special atmospheres. The songs use repetition and deceptively simple guitar melodies to conjure up a world that is sometimes anxiety ridden and tense, sometimes gorgeously beautiful. Reminiscent of early Angels of Light mixed with a dark, introspective Tyrannosaurus Rex... Read more on . U...

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Moongazing Hare

Danish drone folk project formed on the Wadden Sea isle of Fanø in 2005, currently working out of Malmö Sweden. Recordings range from experimental sound collage to stark ballads. While largely a solo project, led by David Folkmann Drost, Moongazing Hare occasionally features collaborators. Strings, bells, whistles, incidental sounds and electronics are all employed to create simple and repetitive songs, sometimes sketch-like, sometimes layered and fussed-over. First published on the Celestial Jars compilation "The Crests of the Avians Dance to Our Vibes" (2007), Moongazing Hare has since released music on, Neh-Owh Records and Tarkovsky Green. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Common...

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