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Stry (Anders Sjhöholm) was born the 15th juni, 1957 in Ängelholm. The first years of his life he lived in Skäralid, near Klippan. When he was 6 years old he and his family moved to Liberia in west Africa, hence his father worked for SIDA and had got a job there. The plan was that they should've stayed there for 3 years but after 2,5 years disturbance of peace erupt. Then they moved back to Skäralid which Stry wasn't very happy with. When he became a teenager music became more important for him and in 1976 he formed his own punkband Kriminella Gitarrer after have seen the sex pistols which inspired him (though he didn't think they were that great but he liked the punkstyle). In 1978 Kriminella Gitarrer released their first legendary first...

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