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Electrocutango (NO)

Electrocutango is an electrotango project founded by Sverre Indris Joner in Oslo, Norway. Their only album Felino is originally the music written for "TanGhost," a tango/theater performance based on Henrik Ibsen's play Ghosts. The show was choreographed by famous Argentinian tango dancer Pablo Verón, who also acted in the performance. The music was awarded the prestigious Norwegian "Edvard" prize for "Best music accompanying other forms of art" in 2005.

Joner was born 19 july 1963 in Oslo, Norway, and grew up on Nesttun (Bergen) close to Edvard Grieg's home "Trollhaugen" and on Bøler in Oslo. His musical career started playing ukulele at the age of 5, piano at the age 13 and percussion at the age 17.

The project mem...

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