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Citizen K

Naama Kates (US)

Naama Kates is an LA-based singer/songwriter and pianist, whose debut album "The Unexamined Life" (2012) and follow-up "King for the Day" (2013) have been met with critical praise.

She moved to Los Angeles from New York City in late 2008, to pursue her career as an actress, with lead and supporting in roles in small but critically well-received independent films (Eden, The 10 Commandments of Chloe, Cookies N' Cream, Delirious, My Normal) and television (NCIS).

But after some time in Hollywood, she returned to music; "settling in front of the keyboard felt to Naama like a homecoming, like settling back into her soul."

Growing up, she was obsessed with music: listening to the jazz records of her mother,...

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