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Klub Shark Attack

Death Valley Surfers (UK)

Death Valley Surfers are what you can call “Crazy Rock'n'Roll”. DVS are sworn to fun & are dedicated to having a party on stage. In 1998 Russ Surfer, the former drummer of The Highliners decided start a new band. Using the influence of Surfin’ & 60’s Hot Rod music, he began by blending this to Psychobilly. The band has evolved its own unique sound, with the jump about Rhythm of Bo-Diddley on speed. DVS continued the stage chaos of the likes of The Highliners & King Kurt. Often there will be a drinking contest where victims are pulled on stage to drink Cyder from a funnel as quick as possible. Having fun is the main part of a DVS gig. Tequila is given out while they play Tequila & the most silly dances are copied by the audience. The...

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Schizo Go-Go's (UK)