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Dark Soho

Dark Soho are Sagiv Boxer and Elram Boxer, a psychedelic trance band originally from Haifa, Israel.

The name Dark Soho comes from SOHO, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

Originally the band was formed by Sagiv Boxer, Zeev Dukman and Omer Kadosh (Rizo). They met eachother at Infected Mushroom's studio. Years later, after their third album, Zeev Dukman and Omer Kadosh left the band to start their own projects while Elram Boxer, Sagiv Boxer's brother joined the band. Together the two Boxer brothers are now working on a fourth album which will feature the vocals of Lev (he likes to be called just Lev)

Dark Soho is a unique fusion of metal, goth and full-on psychedelic trance. With extensive releases on ...

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There are five artists called Perplex:

1. Israeli psytrance artist
2. Swedish pop band
3. Polish avant-garde jazz trio
4. UK dubstep/dnb DJ
5. Hungarian rock band

1. Perplex, who is also known as Ronen Dahan, was born 1974 in Haifa, Israel. He grew up in small community near Tel Aviv. By the age of 14 he had started a small rock band, in which he played the guitar and was the lead singer. His main influences back then were Depeche Mode and other new wave artists who were all the rage at the time.

With 17 years of age, he went on his tour of Australia and Europe. When he got back to Israel. The first Techno had arrived from Northern Europe to which he felt attracted.


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