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One Two Die Four

The Genuine Fakes

The Genuine Fakes is a swedish powerpop band formed in Stockholm late 2005. The band's three members are Johan Bergqvist (guitar, vocals), Mårten Bengtsson (bass, back vocals) and Johan Sundin (drums, back vocals).
The name "The Genuine Fakes" is a paraphrase of fellow swedes Popsicle's song "Genuine fake" from their 1997 album "Stand up and testify". The name means, presumably, that all music made is a result of the band/artist's influences. The Genuine Fakes want to be very clear about their own and names for example Popsicle, Pearl Jam, Cheap Trick, Big Star, Fountains of Wayne and Owsley.
They have so far only released one, three-tracked single, Star in October 30 2006. The other two tracks are Something new and History rep...

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The Drowners

There are at least two bands known as "The Drowners."

1) A garage rock/punk band from NYC.
2) This is the bio for the band from Sweden.

At the place where pop meets rock and where melodies intertwine with raw power, thats where we find THE DROWNERS. Shaped by the extreme weather conditions of northern Sweden and the boredom/comfort of small city life, the band emerged in the middle of the Britpop explosion in the early nineties. They embraced that whole era with their feet still firmly rooted in American alternative rock with influences from Hüsker Dü, REM, The Del-Fuegos, The Sidewinders, The Replacements and so on. Add to that a small portion of hard rock and you have the lethal cocktail that is the foundati...

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The Virtues

The Vanjas