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Dune Rats (AU)

Dune Rats (occasionally typeset as DUNE RATS!) are an Australian indie/jangle/surf/garage rock band from Brisbane, Queensland. The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Danny Beus and drummer BC Michaels; as well as bassist Brett Jansch (formerly of Bleeding Knees Club), who joined the band as an official member in 2013. The band was originally formed in 2011 by Beus and Michaels. Their first EP, Sexy Beach, was released that same year; which was produced and recorded by Tim Morrissey of The John Steel Singers.

A second EP, Atoms, was released in September 2011 and featured the single "Pogo." It featured production work from Morrissey, Berkfinger (Philadelphia Grand Jury) and Sean Caskey. The band received attention on Trip...

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