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The Durango Riot

After 2 years together, one super-hyped EP, and a bunch of overdriven live explosions The Durango Riot is finally on their way to the universe. As I write it’s only days to go before their debut album "Telemission" hits the world like a bomb. And what a fantastic mindblowing bomb it is. From the opening of Dirty Needs thru the heart-ripping riotcall Future 2036 and all the way to the last chord of the titeltrack Telemission, it´s an album filled with so much passion, love and anger plus the most outrageous mix of rocknroll elements you´ve ever heard. I love the chaos! I love the Riot! The record has already been hailed as "A masterpiece and one of the biggest surprises in 2007" but what else can you expect? Or as the band says themselves...

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