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Dungen (Swedish: "the grove", pronounced [ˈdɵŋən]) is a Swedish rock band based in Stockholm. Often classified as psychedelic rock, Dungen is also influenced by Swedish (and other) folk music, classic rock, progressive rock and indie rock.

The band is fronted by singer/composer Gustav Ejstes, who writes all music and plays the majority of instruments on the band's records. Despite this, Dungen plays live as a four-piece. Gustav, who in his teens started his songwriting with hip hop, is backed live by Swedish progressive rock veteran Reine Fiske (Landberk, Morte Macabre, Paatos, The Guild) on guitar, bassist Mattias Gustavsson (Life On Earth!), and drummer Fredrik Björling (The Guild)-- all of whom have played parts on Dungen's...

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There are two acts using the name HOLY:

1) HOLY is the project of Umeå based Swedish musician Hannes Ferm, and it released its home-recorded debut EP Silver of Your Heart in late 2014 via PNKSLM Recordings. Musically it can be described as a mix of sixties psych pop and the Californian garage rock scene of the past ten years, and HOLY's debut album Stabs will be released in March 2014 via PNKSLM Recordings and Ny Våg, the label ran by Dennis Lyxzén from Refused.

2) Holy Fuck

Holy je elektronický projekt, který si nehraje na to, že má kvalitního zpěváka, čistý a vymasterovaný zvuk a sexy beaty v zásobě.

3) Šimon Holý (aka HOLY)

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Eric Malmberg

Eric Malmberg is a musician from Sweden. Previously a member of the duo Sagor & Swing ("Fairytales & Swing"), in 2005 he released his first solo album, Den gåtfulla människan ("The Enigmatic Human"). The album consists only of sounds played on the Hammond organ. The album is centered around a musical exploration of the human psyche and the different tracks have names such as "The Subconscious" and "The Dual-personalities". The different tracks are all linked together and form a seamless journey into the human mind.

Far from being the product of a loose interest in psychology, these themes are deeply personal as Malmberg has been fighting an ongoing struggle with his own autistic spectrum disorder. He has appeared in a document...

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Electric Eye (NO)

Electric Eye is a band from Bergen, Norway. Electric Eye plays psychedelic space rock made up by dirty blues, reverb and groovy drones. Walking in the shadows of modern psych-rockers The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips and The Warlocks, Electric Eye also invokes freak-out drones from Pink Floyd in Pompeii and Flaming Lips (The Embryonic LP).

Electric Eye members include: Oystein Braut, guitarist of The Alexandria Quartet, Njal Clementsen of Bergen noise-rockers The Megaphonic Thrift and Low Frequency in Stereo, underground studio-guru and guitarist in artrocker-act Hypertext, Anders Bjelland, and Jazz/Noise/Drone-drummer Oyvind Hegg-Lunde. A well experienced quartet, which have spent the last 5-6 years touring all over Norway, Eur...

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