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All Faces Down (AT)

All Faces Down hails from Vienna, Austria, having formed in January 2010 when the five-piece outfit released their first EP "Close to the Distance" at their very first show. While refining their distinctive blend of emo, hardcore, and metal on stage in the following year, the group began to work on new material for their debut record. In June 2011 the five-piece outfit attracted attention with their first music video for the single "Stop to Fall". The success of said song and the creative and persistent self-promotion soon caught the ears of many promoters all over Europe and was followed by the release of their debut record "Face the Truth" in July 2011. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commo...

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There are multiple artists by this name.

1. Sweden’s Normandie have become a fast rising rock music based machine. The band started of in September 2013 and have already toured Europe and Scandinavia as opening acts for Memphis May Fire, Adept, Betraying the Martyrs, Anberlin and many more.

2. Normandie is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 2009, featuring vocalist Aimee Echo and multi-instrumentalists Jamie Miller and Chelsea Davis who also makeup 3/4 of the dance rock band theSTART. Their sound is likened to Blonde Redhead, My Bloody Valentine, Pixies, Portishead, Sonic Youth and the soundscaping of Brain Eno. They display a visceral take on rock and roll, art rock and ambient music, allying them to c...

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Heavy Hearts

Bring Us Home

Introductory self-portrayal in 2014: ''Hello! We're Bring Us Home! We're 4 guys between 14-16 years old! Bring Us Home started as an metalcore band 2012 in Örebro, Sweden! From us you will hear: Breakdowns, nice melodic stuff, synths, screams and clean vocals lyrics: There is no turning back! How can we ever forgive or forget, what we have done to earth? Can we change anything? Or is it to late? Look at yourselfes, and what you have done. So many unnecessary lives, has been taken away. Soon you'll open your eyes, you'll see and realise! That our world is in wrong hands, open your eyes! Burn all of you, our earth will never be the same. 2x Everything they said would happen has happened. The clock is ticking, there is no second chances! Pr...

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