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Small Houses (US)

Small Houses is acoustic/folk artist Jeremy Quentin, from Flint, Michigan.

Starting to write music in 2008, Quentin released his debut album, "Our Dusking Sound' Saturday, February 27th 2010 and is available on iTunes. "Our Dusking Sound" features several collaborations, all with close friends of Quentin.

Quentin currently attends Berklee Music School in Boston.

Listen to tracks on Small Houses' official Myspace:

Official Releases:

Our Dusking Sound (2010)
1. Your Mountainside (4:25)
2. Our Dusking Sound (4:36)
3. I'm Old and You Are New (3:18)
4. The Last Last One (4:10)
5. Kayce (You Are the North) (3:13)
6. Lik...

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